AHSAN started out its journey in year 1978, and since then has made its mark in varied market space. With big dreams and a broader horizon in mind, the company decided to tap the international market and started exporting the goods. Today the company has 2 production units tannery and a shoe upper factory.

Each unit is looked by a director who are well qualified technically having technical degree from UK and Germany.

The company is Based in Kanpur which is the Industrial Hub of North India. The company was established by Mr. Zubair Ahsan, who has vast experience in leather business managing the company since 1978.In year 2004 Mr. Faraz Ahsan joined the company after finishing qualification from UK and Germany and started to manage the shoe upper factory, in year 2007 Mr. Zufair Ahsan joined the company after qualifying from UK and started to manage the tannery.

Production capacity of Ahsan Units are as following:

  • Tannery : 6 million sq ft yearly
  • Shoe upper factory : 720,000 pairs yearly.

We try to make the best of what we already know (best manufacturing practices of the bygone era) by combining it with the modern machining advancements. Our Tannery division is an end to end integrated tanning unit where, from the raw hides to wet blue and wet blue to crust and finally the crust into finished leather is done under one roof.

We offer myriad variety of leathers, colours and textures to cater for any user or designer of leather products or applications. The unit specialises in all type of chrome tanned finished leather of cow, Imported Cow, buffalo and split leather.


Through the years, the thrust and the essence behind the company has been its quest for excellence and admirable and enviable quality for its finished products

The Company focus has been on its quality standards and thus we ensure stringent control over quality by taking the help of latest technologies and methodologies like ; vigilant testing of raw materials ; continuous on- process monitoring ; array of post assemble checks and most importantly the untiring commitment of our employees to achieve these quality standards who share the same vision and passion as us.


Making a Difference : We make every shoe keeping you and your comfort and style in mind. We strive for you to put your best foot forward in the very best pair of shoes. Our vision is to provide customers with pair of shoes that reflect their personality. We believe what lies above the shoulders should reflect down to the toes. “Getting into the right groove with the perfect pair of shoe “

To ensure such high standards for quality style and comfort our each unit is administered by highly skilled and technically qualified personnel to produce high quality of Mens, Ladies & Kids Footwear for its customers in …….. Along with that we have also incorporated a Quality Assurance Cell who ensures that the finished product adheres to all its QA norms & undergoes a stringent & comprehensive testing process for its physical and chemical properties in order to meet all the specifications laid down by our esteemed buyers with precision and accuracy.


Research and design in conjunction with the latest trends, needs and advancements is at the very heart of our research and development initiative. We understand that exploring the frontiers of technology for better fabrics and components is only the beginning of the life cycle of a new pair of footwear. We have a dedicated R&D department. They continuously look out for advancement in latest styling, changes and modifications in production methodology and processes. We also look out for the changes at the buyers end to foresee any changes we need to make to better comply with them. R&D team focuses on exploring, improving and refining its cutting edge technological innovations to achieve high quality standards & to better provide valuable satisfaction to valuable customers. The department is assisted by latest materials & technology to maintain & upgrade quality at each process ensuring excellence in its end product. R&D department is well equipped establishment with physical & chemical labs to conduct diverse quality tests on chemicals, leathers & footwear.